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    We at Handymen believe that the hiring and offering of skilled labour should be simple! We believe that whether you need the skills or you are offering the skills, the process of initiating, conducting and completing a project should be fluid, effective and stress free!

    Our Vision!

    With a brief in hand we set out to create a system that could not only connect people but help to organise and streamline the entire project process.

    After several brainstorming sessions we realised there was only one recurring concept that lent itself perfectly to the requirements of our brief. It was a concept that was intuitive, quick to hand and easily accessible to all!

    Daily, we use our mobile phones to organise, communicate, share and discover. So we asked ourselves, why can we not take all of these elements and fuse them together to create a mobile application that solves all the requisites of our brief? and so we did!

    In so doing, we believe we have created an application that will re-define the way you conduct your projects from this point forward!

    So in order to find out more about our app, please select one of the character options below that represents you.


    Searching for Tradesmen

    We have designed the Handymen app to be fluid, colourful and easy to read, making your user experience as enjoyable as possible. From your home page you can either search for tradesmen in you area or create new tradesman requests (broadcasts). Your 'Rate' button is also found on your homescreen making it quick and easy to rate tradesman upon completing your project. Your results page contains the list of tradesman who have been found in your search or have responded to your broadcasts. We have also included a contacts page which contains a list of your previously used tradesman, for easy access on future jobs.


    Scheduling Your Jobs

    As we had mentioned in our brief, it was imperative to us to create a system that would streamline the project management process when conducting a job. So we created a scheduling facet to the application that would keep both you and the tradesman informed. Once you have called and confirmed a job with a tradesman you are prompted to fill out a brief job card. This acquires the date, time, location and general notes on the project before synchronising the event to yours and the tradesman’s phone. This event can be found on your scheduler page where an automatic reminder is set for the date of your event.


    For The Tradesmen

    When designing the tradesman’s side of the app, we knew that the essentials should only be a finger swipe away. So we placed your scheduler on your home page. This page gives you a run down of the days jobs, as well as jobs coming up in the future. A quick swipe right and you are on your Jobs page, this is where all incoming jobs will arrive. From here you can read through the job specifications and decide whether you would like to offer your services or decline the job all together.

    When developing Handymen we knew a reward and accountability system would need to be implemented, so we added a scoring aspect to the app. Your ratings are essential to your success on Handymen, so to ensure this process is quick and simple for you clients we have added a personal QR code that is assigned to every tradesman. By scanning this code your client can immediately pull up a rating screen to score the different aspects of your workmanship.

    Finally, to keep track of your workmanship we have placed a summary of your ratings on your settings page. Here you can see which areas you are excelling and alternatively what aspects of your workmanship need attention.

    Availabe on Android now!

    We are currently in our beta stage of developement. This means we are only weeks away from a finished product! If you would like to become one of our Beta testers simply dselect the 'Download Now' button located on the right of the page.

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